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For the next generation of TouchOSC, Traktor wizard Andrew Norris has created the follow-up to his legendary Jog-On layout.

Jog-On 2 is the essential control surface for Native Instruments' Traktor Pro software and is included with TouchOSC and ready to go.


Download the detailed manual and Traktor setup file below. The layout itself is included with the application on all platforms.


v2.1 - 04 Mar 2024

  • Stem Decks: volume, filter, or FX sends for all four individual Stem Tracks can now be controlled together without having to switch between pages/tabs.
  • Added volume level meters for each individual Stem Track.
  • All volume level meters on all Decks now display individual L/R volume levels rather than L/R summed to mono.
  • All volume level meters on all Decks now display ‘warning’ colour change when volume level approaches peak.

v2.0 - 06 Jun 2021

  • Complete redesign of the original Jog-On layout for TouchOSC.


A selection of videos by Andrew demonstrating and explaining the inner workings of the layout.

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