Next generation modular control surface
TouchOSC Manual

Preferences · Control Surface


Determine the rotation transformation the control surface will be rendered with.

NORTH is the default and will render the control surface the same as previewed in the editor.

AUTO will cause the orientation to be automatically chosen to maximize the space the control surface will occupy considering the available device screen size and rotation.

NOTE: This setting does not change your device's automatic rotation or rotation lock preferences in any way. Please use your device's native options for these settings in combination with this application setting to achieve the optimal rotation behaviour for your setup.


The filter selection allows an additional post-processing image filter to be applied to the control surface when rendering.

Allow sleep

Allow the device to sleep when in control surface mode.

The default is to keep the device and display on at all times when in control surface mode.

NOTE: This setting is only available on mobile devices.


Configure the amount of space to reserve at the top, bottom, left and right edges of the screen when rendering the control surface view.

Back Button

Options related to the back button for exiting the control surface view and returning to the editor view.


Configure the back button to require a double-tap instead of a single press.


Configure the vertical alignment of the back button.


Configure the horizontal alignment of the back button.

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