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The application's editor network feature allows one instance of the application to act as editor server on the network and lets multiple other instances on the network connect as clients.

The editor server will broadcast the current document and all editor actions to all connected clients in real-time.

The editor clients will be locked into control surface mode and not be able to make any edits while connected to the server. Once disconnected from the server, the document can be edited and saved on the client.

Connected clients will still be able to use the control surface with all messages and scripts fully functional, making it possible to test the configuration of a control surface immediately, while making changes on the server.

NOTE that the current values of a control's value objects are only transmitted once after the initial connect or if explicitly edited on the server, as it would interfere with the ability to test a control surface's functionality and use, if value objects would be continually reset to the current state of the server document while connected.

Manual Connect

Enter an editor server's IP address or host name and port number manually to connect. The pre-filled port number is set to the application's default port number for editor servers.

Available Servers

The list of available servers will be populated with discovered hosts that have the server option enabled.

TouchOSC uses Zero-configuration networking (zeroconf) to discover editor network servers on the local network. If none can be found, please use the Manual Connect option to connect to an editor server.

Discovered editor hosts will be displayed with host name and a connect button to initiate the connection to the selected server.

If an editor server host is reachable via multiple network interfaces or IP addresses, a button will be displayed to expand details about the possible IP addresses to connect to and allow connection via each one individually.


Enables the editor network's server portion to listen for incoming client connections.

NOTE: For security reasons the state of this flag is currently not restored between application runs. We might change this behavior in the future and add additional security measures.

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