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User interface scale

Global scaling factor for all of TouchOSC's user interface. Needs a restart of the application to be applied.

Note: This is an experimental feature and maybe cause some user interface controls to behave or render unpredictably.


Automatically contact the website to check for an updated version of the application on startup, at most once a day.

The Channel menu allows for selecting either "Stable" or "Beta" update channels. Please note that beta releases are for previewing upcoming features before a wider release and are subject to change without notice and might not function as expected. Use at your own risk.

Note: No additional information other than the application version, operating system type and architecture will be transmitted to the website during this check.

Show comments after loading

If a document has values for the "Creator" or "Comments" document properties, display these after loading has finished.

Send anonymous usage statistics

This enables sending of anonymous usage statistics back to the website.

This may include data about your system and use of the application, such as operating system, version and language, hardware specifics such as amount of RAM and number of CPU cores, type of GPU, graphics API and others.

We use this anonymous data to determine the future direction of the application's design and the viability of continued support for less popular hardware/software configurations. Therefore we strongly recommend leaving this setting enabled to help us make informed decisions about the application's future.

For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Enable debug logging

This will cause the application to log a much larger amount of information about its internal operation.

Note: This will most certainly cause significant overhead and slow down, and is only encouraged when asked to do so by one of our developers or support staff and only while diagnosing a problem.

The Show logs button will open the operating system's file browser at the location of TouchOSC's log files.

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