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The script editor UI for editing script source code. Please see the Scripting API section of the manual for details about the script language and available functions and objects.


The text editor for editing script source code with syntax highlighting and limited completion.

Every time the text area looses input focus, the script will be compiled and checked for errors, and if any, the error source line will be highlighted and a short error summary will be displayed in the summary display. For the full error message, open the log view.

The script will not be executed until either switching the editor to control surface mode, or the run button is pressed.


A short summary of the error message when compiling the script source.


Open the application's log view and show the script messages page.


Execute the current script source code immediately.

As mentioned in the editor section above, the script source is automatically compiled and checked for errors every time the text editor looses input focus, and will be executed the next time switching to control surface mode.

The run button on the other hand will compile and execute the script source immediately, making it possible to use the global section of a script to manipulate controls right in the editor without switching to control surface mode.

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