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KodeLife Manual

Preferences · Output

Internal Display

Configures KodeLife's internal output display area.


Determines the resizing applied when displaying the output image in the preview area's available space.

  • Fill

    Scales so the whole area gets filled with no background color bars, might result in cropping of the output image.

  • Fit

    Scales so the whole output image will be displayed without cropping, might result in surplus space being filled with the display's background color.

  • Stretch

    Scales so the output image fits exactly, ignoring the output image's aspect ratio.

  • Center

    Apply no scaling at all and display the output image centered in the available space of the preview area.


Choose to apply a post-processing filter to the final output image before display.


Background color of the preview area.

External Display

Configures an optional external display window.


Disable or choose which output image to display in the external window.

  • Disabled

    No external output window.

  • Output

    Display the project's final output image.

  • Editor

    Display the most recently rendered frame of KodeLife's text editor.

  • Combined

    Display a composite of the project's final output image and the most recently rendered frame of KodeLife's text editor.


See Internal Display Scaling options.


Background color of the external window.

Local Sharing

Note: Only available on Windows and macOS platforms.

Depending on platform this enables either Syphon or Spout texture sharing sources.

Three different images can be shared simultaneously using this method:

  • Output

    The most recently rendered master output frame.

  • Editor

    The most recently rendered frame of KodeLife's text editor.

  • Combined

    A composite of the previous two frames.

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