Real-time GPU shader editor
KodeLife Manual


Parameter is KodeLife's universal term for per-draw-call or per-compute-call constant data passed to a shader stage, analogous to what some graphics APIs call uniform or shader constant.

KodeLife distinguishes between two categories of parameters:

Built-in Parameters

These are parameters that KodeLife treats specially and that usually either use values from KodeLife's internal state or require special handling by the application each frame update, like providing the current time and date, the current frame number or generating a rendered image of the contents of the code editor.

Constant Parameters

These parameters are usually associated with either constant data that never changes or only in response to direct manipulation or input in KodeLife's UI (like a number, vector or matrix), or data loaded from a static file or resource from disk like an image or video container file.

KodeLife also includes any shared images in this category, as they are handled internally in exactly the same way as other static images or videos, and are modified only by an external application.

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