Modular OSC & MIDI touch control surface
TouchOSC Mk1 Manual


Adding TouchOSC as a control surface in REAPER (Windows or OS X):

  • Start REAPER v4.20 or higher.
  • Go to Options/Preferences/Control Surfaces, and add a new control surface. Select OSC as the control surface mode. The REAPER control surface settings dialog will open:

  • Start TouchOSC on your device, and choose OSC from the Connections section.
  • Note the REAPER host IP address, and enter that value in the TouchOSC host IP field.
  • Note the TouchOSC local IP address, and enter that address in the REAPER Device IP field.
  • Ensure that REAPER's receive port matches TouchOSC's outgoing port, and REAPER's send port matches TouchOSC's incoming port.
  • Click OK to close the REAPER control surface settings dialog. Click back and done to close the TouchOSC settings.

The LogicTouch and LogicPad pattern configurations that are included with REAPER will work with the TouchOSC layouts of the same name.

Please see the REAPER OSC Reference for more information about how to create custom OSC pattern configurations, which can be used with custom TouchOSC layouts.

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