Modular OSC & MIDI touch control surface
TouchOSC Mk1 Manual


In the Control reference in the following section you'll find a list of all controls that TouchOSC offers, including examples of how to address each control with OSC messages.

Please note that all OSC addresses or paths in the following notes are only examples. As the OSC address for each control depends on a control's name and parent page's name, and can also be completely customized, it's impossible to give absolute examples. Always substitute the example OSC addresses for the specific OSC address of a control, which is displayed in the OSC properties panel in the TouchOSC Editor.

Multiple controls can have the same OSC and MIDI messages mapped to it and will all receive the same incoming message.


Though not configurable controls, the pages in a TouchOSC layout can be addressed with OSC messages. Sending an OSC message to TouchOSC with only the page name as the address will make that page the active page and display it on the device. For example, sending /1 to TouchOSC will make the page named "1" the active page.

Global OSC messages

Triggers device vibration (where supported)

Common OSC messages

There are common OSC messages that all controls can receive to change a control's properties remotely. Even controls that do not support receiving specific OSC messages will react to these messages.

/control/visible 0

Set control invisible

/control/visible 1

Set control visible

/control/position/x 0

Set control x position

/control/position/y 0

Set control y position

/control/position/z 0

Set control z-order in the control hierarchy

/control/size/w 35

Set control width

/control/size/h 35

Set control height

/control/color red

Change a control's color palette to red. Possible values for the color parameter are all the available color settings for the Color property in the TouchOSC Editor

MIDI messages

When a control is configured with a MIDI message for one of its variables, it will also automatically receive the same type of MIDI message. The exception are MIDI messages for the z variable, which have no effect on the control when received.

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