Modular OSC & MIDI touch control surface
TouchOSC Mk1 Manual

Layout add from File

On Android devices, layouts can also be imported from local files already on the device.

To copy files between your computer and your device using a USB cable connection, please refer to the Google article Transfer files between your computer & Android device, and follow the instructions for Option 2: Move files with a USB cable.

Once the layout files have been copied to the device, they can now be imported from inside the TouchOSC application.

From TouchOSC's main configuration screen select Layout and then select the row labelled Add from File.

This will take you to a browser of the local file system. Please navigate to the location on your device to where you copied the layout(s) in the previous step.

Select the layout you want to import and TouchOSC should copy and display the new layout in the list of available layouts.

If an existing layout on the device has the same name as the one being added, the application will warn about this and prompt you to either overwrite the existing file or cancel.

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