Real-time GPU shader editor
Version 0.7.10

Build 83 β
Tue, 19 Mar 2019

  • [ALL] Fixed 'color' constant parameter not correctly saving/loading
  • [ALL] Fixed slow startup caused by redundant renderer initialization
  • [ALL] Added ability to override configuration file options via command line parameters
  • [WIN] Added dynamic loading of optional D3D compiler DLL
  • [LNX] Fixed .klproj project file association
Version 0.7.9

Build 82 β
Sat, 09 Mar 2019

  • [WIN] Fixed UI going blank on window minimize/restore

Build 81 β
Fri, 08 Mar 2019

  • [ALL] Fixed missing precision qualifier in OpenGL ES3 second pass default fragment shader
  • [ALL] Fixed unnecessary sockets and zeroconf advertising being created
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 0.7.8

Build 76 β
Tue, 26 Feb 2019

  • [LNX] New unified version for all ARM platforms including Raspberry Pi (Recommended driver for RPI is now 'GL (Full KMS)')
  • [LNX/WIN] Improved scan for changes in connected MIDI devices
  • [LNX/WIN] Improved handling of failure to create window/renderer
  • [LNX] Added building of Debian packages
  • [MAC] Fixed mouse scroll-wheel acceleration
  • [MAC] Fixed possible hang with certain types of MIDI messages
  • [MAC] Fixed possible hang when opening project files
  • [IOS] Fixed inverted Y-axes for analog sticks on game pads
  • [ALL] Added update check and usage statistics preferences
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 0.7.6

Build 61 β
Sun, 27 Jan 2019

  • [ALL] Bug fixes for the new mesh loader
  • [ALL] Improved application window handling
  • [ALL] Added external display options to "View" menu
  • [MAC] Fixed possible deadlock when opening the app by double-clicking a project file
Version 0.7.5

Build 57 β
Mon, 21 Jan 2019

  • [ALL] Much improved mesh loader and support for more formats
  • [MAC] Fixed prompt for audio input permission on 10.14
  • [LNX] Added JACK audio support
  • [LNX] Fixed audio/midi port naming
  • [LNX] ARM: Added external display window options
  • [LNX] ARM: Added support for OpenGL renderers
  • [LNX] RPI: Fixed "OpenGL Driver" OpenGL ES renderer
Version 0.7.0

Build 53 β
Mon, 17 Dec 2018

  • [ALL] New icon
  • [ALL] Updated audio back end
  • [ALL] Ability to hide shader stages in the editor
  • [ALL] Fixed shader stage selection keyboard shortcuts
  • [IOS] Added audio preferences
  • [LNX] ARM: Added GL2/3 support (eg Raspberry Pi "Full KMS")
  • [MAC] Fixed beta expiration message dialog not showing
Version 0.6.6

Build 0 β
Fri, 16 Nov 2018

  • [ALL] Added Find/Replace menu items
  • [ALL] Fixed possible crash with missing resources
  • [MAC] Fixed windowing problems on 10.13/10.14
Version 0.6.5

Build 3 β
Sun, 04 Nov 2018

  • [MAC] Fixed scaling issues with Metal renderer on high-density displays

Build 2 β
Thu, 01 Nov 2018

  • [MAC] Compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave

Build 1 β
Sun, 28 Oct 2018

  • [MAC] Compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • [ALL] Added ability to open FLAC and Ogg Vorbis audio files

Build 0 β
Thu, 18 Oct 2018

  • [MAC] Fixed problems with external output window on 10.13/10.14
  • [MAC] Programmatically disable App Nap
  • [IOS] Added Shadertoy template
  • [WIN/LNX] Corrected ALT key behaviour for toggling menu-bar visibility
Version 0.6.4

Build 1 β
Sat, 08 Sep 2018

  • [ALL] Display correct shortcut key labels in menus
  • [ALL] Show build type in log and about dialog
  • [WIN/LNX] Fixed 'H' key starting editor "Replace" without CTRL key

Build 0 β
Thu, 06 Sep 2018

  • [ALL] Added "Search/Replace/Replace All to editor. No menu entries yet, but the familiar key-combinations should work for each platform
  • [ALL] Added keyboard shortcut to "Toggle Kontrol Panel" menu item
  • [WIN] Fixed Windows updater installation loop
  • [ALL] Various UI enhancements
  • [ALL] Various minor bug-fixes and improvements
Version 0.6.3

Build 1 β
Sat, 18 Aug 2018

  • [WIN] Include correct version of d3dcompiler shared library in installer

Build 0 β
Tue, 07 Aug 2018

  • [ALL] Removed "Separate Windows" layout mode in favor of independent "Output > External Display" preferences and configuration
  • [ALL] Added project and renderpass level preview panels
  • [ALL] Shaderstage names now selectable in "Shader Stages" list view
  • [WIN] Include correct runtime DLLs in WIN installer
  • [ALL] Editor improvements
  • [ALL] Various minor bug-fixes and improvements
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