Real-time GPU shader editor
Version 1.0.7

Build 167
Sun, 06 Nov 2022

  • [ALL] Added 15 new example shaders by Jochen "Virgill" Feldkötter
  • [IOS] Fixed cursor key navigation with external keyboards on iOS 15/16
  • [ALL] Fixed editor not preserving indentation when duplicating lines
  • [IOS/AND] Improved performance for modal dialog rendering
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.6

Build 164
Thu, 25 Aug 2022

  • [MAC] Fixed an error when launching the application by opening documents

Build 163
Thu, 25 Aug 2022

  • [ALL] Updated End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy to reflect incorporation in Japan
  • [AND] Fix for rendering problems in split-screen mode
  • [ALL] Fixed loading of saved project clear color
  • [ALL] Fixed certain render target textures not including alpha channel
  • [ALL] Fixed image export not including alpha channel
  • [ALL] Updated game controller mapping database
  • [ALL] Updated game controller mapping parser to be more forgiving
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.5

Build 161
Tue, 28 Jun 2022

  • [AND] Fixed possible crash when rotating device on Android 12
  • [IOS] Fixed possible crash when connecting game controllers
  • [ALL] Fixed possible corruption of documents caused by certain characters
  • [ALL] Fixed multiple potential memory leaks
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.4

Build 160
Wed, 02 Mar 2022

  • [ALL] Added 16 new example shaders by Paul Karlik
  • [ALL] Added missing save warning when loading example projects
  • [IOS] Improved handling of floating and undocked touch keyboards
  • [IOS] Fixed editing gestures interfering with multi-touch operation
  • [IOS] Fixed Apple Pencil input behavior
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.3

Build 158
Thu, 13 Jan 2022

  • [WIN] Support dark window title bar for dark theme
  • [WIN] Fixed fullscreen window "Alt+Tab" behaviour
  • [WIN] Fixed a possible crash in DX9 renderer
  • [ALL] Fixed save/load of blend equation setting
  • [ALL] Fixed conversion of colors to hex strings
  • [ALL] Fixed handling of invalid UTF-8 sequences
  • [ALL] Fixed minor editor UI issues
  • [ALL] Fixed some issues with Japanese localization
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.2

Build 157
Mon, 30 Aug 2021

  • [ALL] Added 50(!) example shaders by Keijiro Takahashi
  • [ALL] Moved "File > New from Template" menu to "Help > Examples"
  • [ALL] Improved syntax highlighting
  • [ALL] Fixed document save format consistency
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.1

Build 154
Sun, 25 Jul 2021

  • [IOS] Temporarily removed virtual MIDI port and background "audio" flag

Build 153
Sun, 25 Jul 2021

  • [IOS/AND] First public release
  • [IOS/AND] Default to a more space efficient screen layout
  • [IOS/AND] Added example projects menu
  • [IOS/AND] Added "cut" action to keyboard toolbar
  • [IOS/AND] Added scroll indicators to keyboard toolbar
  • [ALL] Added option to auto hide message panel
  • [ALL] Updated Japanese localization
  • [ALL] Fixed minor UI rendering problems
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.0

Build 150
Wed, 30 Jun 2021

  • [ALL] First stable release, removed BETA expiration
  • [MAC] Fixed a hang when closing the main window
  • [WIN] Fixed possible problems in DirectX renderer
  • [LNX] Fixed updater not displaying release notes
  • [ALL] Fixed long menus not scrolling correctly
  • [ALL] Ignore leading '#' character in color picker hex input
  • [ALL] Added config/command line option to launch in fullscreen
  • [ALL] Minor bug fixes and improvements

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