Today's triple update sees all hexler software refreshed, including a sneaky newcomer!

First up, there's TouchOSC, which adds some requested features.
  • Ability to have incoming and outgoing UDP port numbers be the same, as required by certain hard- and software
  • New option to send all OSC messages as bundles, including time-stamps, allowing receivers to determine when exactly an event was generated
  • New XY/Multi-XY options to toggle outline and background rendering, allowing for more customization and some performance improvements for large controls
  • Added "Help" button to "Settings" screen
  • Bug-fixes and added options in TouchOSC Editor 1.8.5

Additionally, the documentation has been updated and finally integrated a lot of Android specific instructions! Please take note of the "iOS | Android" selection in the top right, above the table of contents.

Next up, we have TouchViZ, with some enhancements and fixes.
  • Added ability to toggle recording using MIDI and OSC messages
  • External displays are now activated automatically
  • Added "Help" link to application manual on "Settings" screen
  • Minor bug-fixes and performance improvements

More coming soon!

And last but not least, here's KodeLife, our newest baby, which we've been working on for a while now.

KodeLife's a real-time GPU shader editor, with planned support for most available operating systems, graphics APIs and shader languages, running on a humble Raspberry Pi to a multi-GPU power-workstation. The core idea is to be able to sketch out shader code quicker and easier than it would be possible in a multi-gigaton game engine, but it lends itself just as well to performing live-coded, audio-reactive geekery or simply for studying, learning, exploring and experimenting with shader based technology.

KodeLife's still in beta and we're ironing out the kinks while occasionally breaking (a lot of) stuff, but apart from hopefully becoming a rather useful application if you're at all interested in computer graphics, it is also a peek into the hyper-cross-platform, technological future of all Hexler software! See you there!

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