Intro to Ray Marching

Sep 02, 2019
Wireframe magazine issue 20 out now ...

As part of our on-going support for all things Raspberry Pi and our desire to make the barriers into coding as low as humanly possible, when Hexler was asked to submit a short tutorial piece for RPi Foundation's game development focused Wireframe magazine, we accepted! An honour, no less.

And as part of our on-going support for grass roots creatives, we decided to ask upon the very talented visual artist Char Stiles to share her knowledge on the topic of ray marching, and she quickly knocked out four pages with demo code and clear explanations.

Char Stiles is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate and currently creative-in-residence at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, but more importantly she has an engaging Instagram account littered with cool imagery. We're fans.

Back to the Ray Marching

A free PDF of issue 20 of Wireframe magazine can be downloaded here, or if you live in the UK keep an eye out for the print edition and buy a copy. Our tutorial begins on page 36.

Get the PDF


Finally, in terms of 'blowing our own trumpet', Char Stiles used our GPU shader editor KodeLife (running on a Raspberry Pi) to demo her tutorial. And so can you: Still in free public beta, and immensely cross platform, KodeLife runs pretty much anywhere so grab a copy of the app here. The circle is complete.

Thanks to Ryan and Eben at Wireframe and RPi Foundation respectively for this chance to contribute, and massive thanks to Char Stiles for producing the actual tutorial.

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