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TouchViZ Manual

Settings · OSC

The OSC settings page lets you enable and disable TouchViZ's OSC capabilities globally and lets you specify receive and send settings for OSC messages.



Sets the port number on which TouchViZ listens for incoming OSC messages

Local IP address

A convenience field that displays the iPad's current IP address for the WiFi network interface so you can specify it in the sending application as destination.


Send Clip Positions

This settings lets you specify whether TouchViZ will send the positions of currently playing clips as OSC messages. This can cause a lot of OSC messages to be sent over the network and it is advised that you disable this feature if you do not need to display clip positions.


Sets the hostname or IP address of the machine to which TouchViZ addresses outgoing OSC messages.


Sets the port number to which TouchViZ addresses outgoing OSC messages.

Below these fields TouchViZ will list all OSC receivers that are found on the current WiFi network. Tapping on any row in this list will fill in the Host and Port fields with the specifics of the found receiver.

Please see the OSC Reference for all OSC messages that TouchViZ sends and receives.

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