Modular OSC & MIDI touch control surface

Version 1.6.2

Oct 14, 2010

  • Support for Apple Logic Pro/Express (version 9.1.2 or higher)
  • New Layouts: LogicTouch, LogicPad
  • "Local feedback off" option for push and toggle controls

Version 1.6.1

Aug 23, 2010

  • Graphics updated for iPhone4 Retina display
  • Fixed a bug where controls with custom OSC addresses did not receive color or visibility change messages

Version 1.6

Aug 4, 2010

  • Relative response mode for Faders, Rotaries
  • Custom value range for all controls
  • Rotary control inverted mode
  • XY control inverted X and Y modes
  • MultiFader* controls are now multi-touch
  • Color can be set remotely with OSC, example: "/1/fader1/color blue"
  • Visibility can be set remotely with OSC, example: "/1/fader1/visible 0"
  • Bonjour service is now announced as "<device name> [<device model>] (TouchOSC)" where device model can be: "iPad", "iPhone" or "iPod touch"
  • New color: Orange

Version 1.5.2

Jul 5, 2010

  • Stability improvements
  • Speed improvements

Version 1.5.1

Jun 8, 2010

  • Fixed iPad orientation problems
  • Added "Flip interface" option (solves problems with the Apple iPad case)
  • Various small bug-fixes

Version 1.5

Apr 1, 2010

  • Full iPad compatibility! Universal application! This version makes use of the full resolution available on both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Updated editor for iPad layouts! Download the updated layout editor from to make full size iPad layouts.
  • Improved sync with editor! Host computer to download layout from can now be added manually in case Bonjour search fails.

Version 1.4.2

Nov 2, 2009

  • Fixed problem with some characters in label texts corrupting layouts
  • Added global option to disable/enable sending of "z" messages
  • Received label strings are now interpreted as UTF8

Version 1.4.1

Sep 16, 2009

  • Fixes networking and stability issues

Version 1.4

Sep 3, 2009

  • New Label control
  • Added "z" message sent on touch start/end from Fader, XY, Rotary, and Multi-Fader controls
  • Fixed a crash condition when using controls while switching page
  • Added "/vibrate" message to trigger vibration remotely (iPhone only)
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