Dear friends of wireless communication everywhere! Today we are releasing new versions of TouchOSC and TouchOSC Bridge that are able to use a plain old USB cable connection between your iOS devices and your computer, be it Mac or Windows, to do their chatter!

You can enable Airplane mode if you wish, and as long as the cable connection is there, both apps won't miss a beat talking to each other. iOS devices are being searched for, and connected, by the TouchOSC Bridge application automatically and it will display how many devices are connected at any moment in its menu. All existing TouchOSC Bridge features are supported, including transmitting MIDI messages and key presses.

This is partly powered by code from the amazing libimobiledevice, which, in our humble opinion, should get more credit by many other applications using code "inspired" by this project.

As you might have noticed there's a a lot of stress on "iOS" in the above notes, as the big G is handling these things a little differently, and while still possible, setup ranges from easy to not-so-easy depending on your desktop OS of choice:

Android to Windows
Android to Mac

Of course all other parts of the TouchOSC toolkit have been updated, fixing some long-standing gripes as well...

  • First and foremost making sure everything is runnning smoothly with your brand-new mobile or desktop OS of choice!
  • Finally putting an end to wrongly-oriented screens on Android
  • FINALLY-FINALLY updating the TouchOSC Editor on OS X to make use of ANY installed Java runtime, be it Apple, Oracle or otherwise!

So head on over to TouchOSC Downloads and grab the new version tools now!

Here's the full list of changes:

TouchOSC 1.9.8
  • iOS 10 compatibility (iOS)
  • USB cable connection to TouchOSC Bridge (iOS)
  • New option to fix wrong rotation on some devices (Android)
  • New option for adjusting "/ping" message interval
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

TouchOSC Bridge 1.4.0
  • macOS Sierra compatibility (OS X)
  • USB cable connection to iOS Devices
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

TouchOSC Editor 1.8.1
  • macOS Sierra compatibility (OS X)
  • New Java launcher for OS X, works with any available Java runtime (OS X)
  • Brighter grid colour
  • Key press configuration gets copy/pasted correctly
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

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