TouchOSC v1.6.3 released

Jan 12, 2011
Only a minor update, I think version 1.6.3 still warrants a blog post as it eliminates one of the biggest gripes people were having with TouchOSC: Transferring layouts from the editor to the device.
You can now use the USB cable and iTunes File Sharing to transfer layouts from/to the device. In iTunes select your device in the column to the left, switch to the tab labeled "Apps" and below the App management screen you'll find the File Sharing section with a list of apps that support it, which now also includes TouchOSC:
TouchOSC and iTunes
Click the image to see the big picture.

Additionally the app icon has received an update to give it more of a 2011-ish look, hope you like it. Also another great annoyance has been eliminated, the TouchOSC Editor now does not mess with custom OSC addresses anymore when copy/pasting controls, so transferring whole pages won't result in RSI-inducing customization sessions. Grab it here. Furthermore, the touchosc2pd helper app has been updated to reflect changes in the layout format.

Next up is a whole lot of MIDI support everyone's been requesting and there's a lot of changes planned for the website that should make it a better platform for exchanging layouts and discussing features and problems. And that's only the beginning. 2011 will be a good year for TouchOSC. I can feel it.

Here's the complete changes for both TouchOSC and the editor:

TouchOSC 1.6.3
- Support for iTunes File Sharing: Layouts can now be managed via the USB-cable connection using iTunes
- Basic multi-tasking support
- Multiple controls with the same custom OSC address now receive the same message
- ControlPush and ControlToggle now turn on for any received value greater than zero
- Added z message sending to all controls
- Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to enter a custom editor host address
- Various minor bug fixes
- New icon 

TouchOSC Editor 1.4.2
- Copy and paste retains controls' custom OSC addresses
- Renaming a .touchosc file no longer corrupts it
- ControlPush and ControlToggle are now rendered using the right color
- New icon

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