TouchOSC 1.9.0 for Android and iOS out today!

May 27, 2013
Yes, you read that right. Not only is good old TouchOSC getting a much needed update, but for the first time there's also a fully-featured Android version available today.
Back from the dead

First off, apologies for the absence of updates for so long. I'd like to take a moment to explain, as this was (partly) due to circumstances beyond my control.

With the release of the iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 SDK, support for building applications for anything below iOS 4.3 was (sort of silently) removed. I've always aimed for TouchOSC to be a rather useful application to 'recycle' older devices and give them a new life as multipurpose remote-controller, so this made me rather unhappy. That unhappiness turned into a slight shade of rebelliousness when I DID manage to produce a binary that would support BOTH the iPhone5/iOS6 combination AND run absolutely fine on my 'legacy' testing devices (iPod touch 1st gen and iPhone 3G) and would make EVERYONE happy, but was subsequently rejected for trying to work around this 'issue' in the first place. Long story short, since 1st of May 2013, it is officially mandatory for all application updates to add support for the iPhone 5 (with all the consequences for older hardware). End of rebellion.

If you are running TouchOSC on a device that does not support upgrading to iOS 4.3, please make a backup copy and hold on to it! It's now impossible for me to provide you with updates or even restore the application package for you in case you lose the file!

Let's move on to the good news then, shall we!

TouchOSC for Android

It's been a long time coming, and here it is. Today we're releasing the first fully-featured port of TouchOSC for the Android platform.

After much testing, hacking and cursing we're rather confident this version will play nicely with most devices and existing layouts out there, and fully support the feature set offered by its iOS brother and the TouchOSC Editor/Bridge applications (minus some Apple specific features like CoreMIDI, that sadly have no Android equivalent). The definitive plan is to keep both versions as close to identical as possible from this point on.

As the attempt to fund the development (and the metric ton of testing devices) using a donation model was plainly unsuccessful, and the common response seemed to be 'I'll donate when it's finished', the app is being released as a new, paid application on the Google Play store and we'll try to keep pricing (just as much as the feature set) identical across platforms. That being said, both versions will be reduced in price for a couple of days to celebrate, to say thank you for the continued support over the years and to apologize for the long wait!

Please bear with us while we update the documentation to reflect the slight differences between platforms.

TouchOSC 1.9.0 update

Please make sure that you also download the updated Editor and Bridge applications to get access to the new features. Here's an excerpt of the changes that went into this update:

+ Support for iPhone5
+ Support for custom layout sizes
+ Support for more MIDI message types (All controls now support Control Change, Note, Program Change, Poly Pressure, Channel Pressure and Pitch Bend messages)
+ Added XY control MIDI mapping mode (Placing 2 or 3 fingers on the control will send only x or y messages)
+ New iPhone5 layout: “Automat5”
+ Fixed handling of UTF-8 encoded strings in both application and editor
+ Fixed naming issues with virtual CoreMIDI connections (iOS)
- Removed support for MIDIMobilizer Mk I (Please use a CoreMIDI compatible accessory, i.e. MIDIMobilizer Mk II, instead)

For the full changes head on over to this forum post.

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