To Infinity and Beyond!

May 26, 2010
Brace yourself! There's a flood of updates coming your way. Exciting times indeed.
First off, a little thing called the Apple iPad has been released and we've been working like mad here at the hexler HQ to get TouchOSC ready for it first day. The effort paid off and TouchOSC was available April 3rd for everyone as a free update. There was little time for anything else back then, not even posting about it, so let it be known: TouchOSC's current version on the iTunes App Store is a universal application that runs on all Apple handhelds!

Next up is a new version of the TouchOSC Editor that adds some much requested features:
- Horizontal editing of layouts
- Zoom
- Customizable layout grid plus snapping

We are also releasing a plain "jar" version for the first time which should run on anything with a proper Java runtime but was tested on Linux only. Grab it here.

As hinted earlier, this is only the first of many updates to come in hopefully rapid succession. There's a new version of TouchOSC ready to go that adds even more of the things you have been requesting and another update to the editor to go with it. The Android port is coming along nicely and will be released shortly thereafter. There's also work being done that should make everything a lot easier on the MIDI and Windows fronts and of course there's so many doors that the computing power the iPad brings opens, that we can't even begin to describe what's going on down in the labs...

So long. Will report back soon

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