Feb 25, 2016
As our team of robotic testers (pictured here) can confirm: TouchOSC now supports all sizes of iOS devices!

This means that no matter which type of iOS device you use to run TouchOSC, you can now make use of the full real-estate available and design your TouchOSC layouts accordingly.

Additionally we removed the filter that kept larger layouts off of smaller devices, so if for some reason you'd like to "preview" your iPad Pro layouts on your iPhone, now you can. We also added some small enhancements to make extreme down-scaling a little smoother. The Android version of TouchOSC has always supported any screen-size thrown at it, but some of the extreme-scaling fixes have made it into this version as well. The TouchOSC Editor has been updated to provide new presets for all iOS devices available, so grab the download while you are here.

We also finally found and exterminated a rather pesky bug that caused a crash when combining certain layouts with iOS version 8. Apologies for taking such a long time!

NOTE Because we recently changed Apple Developer accounts, the application will lose access to its previously stored preferences once after applying this update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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