Today we've got a whopping double TouchOSC + TouchViZ update, bringing some long-requested features to both our babies...

Universal page labels for TouchOSC

If you've been using TouchOSC on Android, chances are you've noticed that Tab pages just can't be decorated the same way their iOS brethren can. This flaw goes waaaay back to version 1.0, with the bug being that it was possible at all to do this. Long story short: NO MORE!

There's now an official option to add labels to individual Tab pages! These should adjust beautifully to any scale or device, and we've added every possible customization we could think of, including separate states for active/inactive pages. Grab the update + refreshed editor and enjoy!

Additionally, we've added options to disable PushButton message sending separately for press and release, added an option to send XY message parameters in reverse, and, as always, fixed a whole bunch of bugs while at it...

Recording for TouchViZ

A much requested feature is coming to TouchViZ today: Recording!

The titular "Big Red Button" lets you start/stop capturing the master output (mix, blending, effects and all) to an H.264 encoded video file right on your pad.

From there it's only a couple of taps away from being used in your set right there and then, or patiently waiting to be transferred to a "real" computer at a later time. We're a tiny bit proud of this one and we hope you like it too!

We've also added options to prevent the camera's autofocus from ruining all of your audience/party/performer shots, and fixed another one of those pesky crashes accessing the device library. Good times all around!

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