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Logically Yours

Oct 15, 2010 Link To This Post
Breaking News. Today TouchOSC 1.6.2 and Apple Logic Pro/Express 9.1.2 are released into the wild. And guess what. They like each other. A lot.

To Infinity and Beyond!

May 26, 2010 Link To This Post
Brace yourself! There's a flood of updates coming your way. Exciting times indeed.

News Round-up

Dec 18, 2009 Link To This Post
Here's a little update on all the things going on that didn't really justify a blog post individually.

Pure Data Patch Generator

Oct 30, 2009 Link To This Post
I received a lot of messages from TouchOSC users on Windows systems asking how to use custom layouts with Pure Data to translate OSC messages to MIDI. My answer was usually that you'd have to roll your own, using the example PD MIDI patches for the default layouts as a starting point, but that obviously didn't make a lot of people very happy as PD is probably not the most accessible tool to many.

qcOSC v0.5 released

Oct 25, 2009 Link To This Post
I've uploaded a new version of qcOSC, my Quartz Composer OSC receiver plug-in.
As promised the plug-in now supports multi-parameter messages (for which it creates "Structure" outlets) and can receive strings (for which it creates "String" outlets, duh!). You might want to remove all outlets in your compositions that already made use of the first parameter of multi-parameter messages to let the plug-in re-create an outlet with the new type.

I've tested it on both Leopard and Snow Leopard and it's all hunky dory as far as I can see. Enjoy and grab it here.

Label me if you must

Sep 03, 2009 Link To This Post
So Apple informs me that version 1.4 of TouchOSC has been approved and is available as update from the App Store. Together with the new version comes a new version of the TouchOSC Editor that adds the much-requested Label control.
Get it here.

Adding labels should be pretty straightforward, added bonus of TouchOSC's receiving capabilities is that you can send OSC messages of type string or any kind of number to the control and have it displayed. There's some more new stuff in this release like a new "z" message that is sent from Faders, XYs, Rotaries and Multi-Faders when touches begin/end (which people tell me allows to emulate the popular KaosPad) and a new "/vibrate" message you can send to the iPhone that will make it, well, vibrate.

Hope you enjoy this one and PLEASE, if there's any problems/questions/etc do EMAIL me at dev AT hexler DOT net and DO NOT comment here with your questions. And for the love of technology DO STOP sending me all this nasty hate-mail telling me how f(#(#$ed up it is that this and that feature is not included yet or that my piece of s&$^t software doesn't work, it's not like I am trying to piss off people with what I do so I suggest you try the same. Any constructive criticism welcome though. KTHX.

Quartz Composer vs. OSC Part 2

Aug 06, 2009 Link To This Post
Hello Quartz Composer loving people! Here's a new version of my OSC receiver plug-in. I fixed some bugs, improved some things and wrapped it all up neatly in version 0.4...
There's now a list of all auto-created outlets in the Settings page of the Patch Inspector with a handy little button that lets you remove any of them. Also it shouldn't crash anymore (stress on should) and it should definitely be possible to create more than one instance. It's now also a completely and utterly untested Universal Binary(TM), as my trusty old iBook G4 is about a 1000 miles from where I am now, so if someone could let me know if this is PPC ready, that'd be nice.

I wish I would have had enough time to also finally make it deal with input other than numbers and let it handle multi-parameter messages (so it could handle TouchOSC's XY and Accelerometer data), but that'll have to wait 'til the next version.

Hop on over to the new qcOSC page to download.


TouchOSC and the Vixid VJX16-4

Jul 22, 2009 Link To This Post
The guys over at Vixid have kindly provided me with a set of support files to get their VJX16-4 video mixer set up with TouchOSC.
It consists of a set of custom TouchOSC layouts, PureData patches and a manual to get it all going. It does feature bi-directional communication between the device and TouchOSC so be sure to get a hold of this if you are using the VJX16-4.

Get it here: vixid_vjx16-4_touchosc_layouts_v1.0.rar

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