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Quartz Composer Love

Apr 21, 2009
A while ago at Fucina.off ‘08 in beautiful Spoleto, Italy, me and Daniele Ciabattoni noticed (AGAIN) that there's something wrong with the OSCreceiver patch in Quartz Composer. If you're using TouchOSC (or any other OSC node) with Quartz Composer you probably know all about this so I won't go into the details...
So I thought it might be fun to write a little custom patch for QC right there and then as a kind of challenge. So I did, and because it didn't take too long I thought about some goodies I could throw into the mix like Bonjour/ZeroConf advertising of the listening port and auto-outlet creation a la Camille's amazing OSCulator application. This should make setup of TouchOSC with Quartz Composer a breeze, just select your machine in the list of found hosts, outlets are created automatically when messages are received by QC.

This thing is far from perfect or finished and was constructed in a couple of hours, but I thought it might be worth seeing if anyone's interested in this, and if it indeed happens to be so I might think about developing it further, so drop me a line/comment if you tried it and let me know what you think.

Get it here, this is for 10.5/Intel: qcOSC-v0.2.zip

New page here

The .plugin file should go into : HOME/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins

Cheers, rob

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