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Real-time GPU shader editor

Type. View. It's that fast.

Lightweight App, Heavyweight Power

KodeLife gives you 100% native real-time control over GPU power across multiple platforms, with one lightweight app.

Real-time Live-Coding

Code is checked, evaluated and updated in the background as you type! Quick prototyping of visual effects without having to start up an entire gigabyte-sized engine or wait for compilation.


KodeLife supports all flavors of OpenGL GLSL, as well as platform specific shading languages such as the Metal Shading Language and DirectX HLSL, with more to be added...

Sharing is Caring

Share your generated visuals with other applications in real-time, directly on the GPU, using Syphon and Spout.

Cross-platform Support

Take your ideas with you! Available on macOS, Windows and various flavors of Linux, with more platforms, including iOS and Android, to be added...


Work in progress documentation. Updated regularly.

Social Media

@kodelife.hexler - #kodelife


KodeLife Page - KodeLife Koders Group




Real-time GPU shader editor, live-code performance tool and graphics prototyping sketchpad.

Mac Windows Linux

Download KodeLife Beta

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DISCLAIMER: This is an early preview version and might not function as expected. Please use at your own risk.