The labels they are a-comin’

Apr 09, 2009
So I took a little break from working on the editor last night and implemented a first version of the second most requested TouchOSC feature after customizable layouts: Labels.
I decided not to give every control a "show label" option but to make a label its own control for maximum flexibility. You can choose where to put them and also stack them on top of other controls. I am also planning to let labels receive text values over the network and might offer an option for linking them to other controls' values for local feedback. As you can see they come in horizontal and vertical versions, can have colored backgrounds and an optional outline. All configurable in the editor of course.


The only drawback with the current implementation is that I chose to implement the text rendering as an old-school bitmap font instead of native iPhone text-rendering, for maximum portability and pixel-perfect preview in the editor. Because of this the font size cannot be adjusted and labels will have a fixed "height" for now, but I might just include some more font options in the future for all of you who think this is way too small. I am just a sucker for monospaced, aliased 10pt fonts though! What do you think? Too small for you?

On a different note, thanks to all the people who replied to the call for testers in my last post. I will get back to you all in the next couple of days and hopefully push out the editor to you soon thereafter. I also have been very slow answering email, sorry, don't despair, I will get to that as well, just putting the priority on the software right now - I hope you understand. I am planning to host a forum on this site in the near future, hope that will bring somewhat quicker replies from me and others to all of your questions and problems.

Til then, rob

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