News Round-up

Dec 18, 2009
Here's a little update on all the things going on that didn't really justify a blog post individually.
    * There's been an update a while ago bringing TouchOSC to version 1.4.2 and the Editor to 1.1.1. A couple of problems have been corrected, like some characters in Label's texts corrupting layouts, a global switch to turn off the previously added "z" messages (seemed to cause problems with certain software) and proper handling of strings sent to TouchOSC as UTF8. Be sure to grab the updated Editor as well if you download the update from iTunes.

    * I've been working on an Android port of TouchOSC, which turned out to be much easier than I expected. But wait, TouchOSC will not show up on the Android Market anytime soon... One of the things that sadly does make it more complicated to program for Android is the existence of many different devices running the platform and there will have to be extensive testing on as many as possible, so if you are interested in helping doing just that drop me an email at dev AT hexler DOT net and let me know which phone you use and which version Android you are running. If your world revolves around iPhones exclusively please tell your Android owning friends/enemies about this.

    * TouchOSC now has a Facebook page at where I will post all news parallel to here and also all the little things like cool videos and interesting projects that I find online and that get sent in. So if you want to stay up-to-date and don't want to subscribe to the newsfeed on this page, you can check for updates there. Of course you can post on that page as well so show off your experiments or let us all know about tutorials or custom layouts you found to be useful.

    * Another apology for being very slow at answering email the past month, I am in the process of moving countries (again) so I have little to no time/means to deal with my inbox, I promise I will work double-shift as soon as everything's taken care of, but hey, maybe you should be eating ginger-bread and singing christmas-carols anyway and not controlling some obscure software with a wireless touch-screen-phone-control-surface anyway 😊

Ok, that's about it, will be back in action soon, there's of course another TouchOSC update in the pipeline which will concentrate on making the connection/sync between editor and phone/pod a bit more reliable and thereafter I will finally start adding all the missing features that have been on my list since this project started. Merry X-mas and an OSC new year! rob

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