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Oct 15, 2010
Breaking News. Today TouchOSC 1.6.2 and Apple Logic Pro/Express 9.1.2 are released into the wild. And guess what. They like each other. A lot.
Today's update of Apple's excellent music production suite adds support for TouchOSC as a control surface on both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch and TouchOSC's update comes with Logic-specific layouts for both form factors plus auto-detection and configuration of a host computer running Apple Logic Pro or Express.

All one needs to do is to start up Logic Pro or Express, make sure the iDevice is connected to the same WiFi network as the music production computer, go to TouchOSC's network configuration page and select the name of the machine running Logic. Voila! Everything should be set up and ready to go in perfect harmony. As usual firewalls might prevent this miracle from happening, so if you run into any trouble, try disabling your network security software temporarily and try again.

Thanks to everyone at Apple involved in making this happen, and special thanks to Adam Charon for creating the LogicPad and LogicTouch layouts.

In other news there will be a workshop held dealing with all things TouchOSC in the course of the Berlin Music Days on 5th and 6th of November. I will be demonstrating some popular setups with Ableton Live, Native Instruments Reaktor and of course the new Apple Logic connection and also helping participants to achieve whatever it is they are trying to squeeze out of TouchOSC. Head on over to the signup page if interested or drop by and say hello if you are around.

Last but not least a lot of voices are asking for a release date for the Android version of TouchOSC. Don't despair, it is in the making, it's just that the rate at which new Android devices sporting various features, capabilities and OS versions are spawned has delayed the release multiple times. Proper and thorough testing is definitely required in this kind of gadget jungle. I will post more news on this when there is any so please don't hold your breath. We wouldn't want anyone to get hurt waiting for a piece of software, now would we?

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