Label me if you must

Sep 03, 2009
So Apple informs me that version 1.4 of TouchOSC has been approved and is available as update from the App Store. Together with the new version comes a new version of the TouchOSC Editor that adds the much-requested Label control.
Get it here.

Adding labels should be pretty straightforward, added bonus of TouchOSC's receiving capabilities is that you can send OSC messages of type string or any kind of number to the control and have it displayed. There's some more new stuff in this release like a new "z" message that is sent from Faders, XYs, Rotaries and Multi-Faders when touches begin/end (which people tell me allows to emulate the popular KaosPad) and a new "/vibrate" message you can send to the iPhone that will make it, well, vibrate.

Hope you enjoy this one and PLEASE, if there's any problems/questions/etc do EMAIL me at dev AT hexler DOT net and DO NOT comment here with your questions. And for the love of technology DO STOP sending me all this nasty hate-mail telling me how f(#(#$ed up it is that this and that feature is not included yet or that my piece of s&$^t software doesn't work, it's not like I am trying to piss off people with what I do so I suggest you try the same. Any constructive criticism welcome though. KTHX.

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