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switch control with integer number


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Dear all,

In the past 1 week, I am using TouchOSC to control my parameter design via iPad to laptop.
Hereby I uploaded some shots for a better understanding.
In my case, there is a control called ‘subdivision’ (see image shotA) I want to setup this so that it allows me the change the parameter with integer. I choose ‘multi-push’ as control but it seems not a good way for my proposal.
What I want to achieve is for example, I can easily switch a control between number 1,2,3 and 4 within a control. (see image shotB. But it can be fader/ rotary or any kind of control item…)

There are a lot of control available in TouchOSC Editor but seems none of them can’t be apply in my case(?) …I believe there must a way to go around.

I am appreciated if anyone can give me a hint!!

Thank you in advance!


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