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Logic Layout


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I really like how the LogicPad layout updates itself when you change to different channel strips and instruments. And how it pull the names of the parameters from Logic. I’d like to know how to do this, so that I can design a similar template for an application like Cubase.

For example in the Logic Software Instrument Tab, in the Editor when you click on the first parameter I see it’s 5/pqr/1. So I gather from this it’s page 5 in the layout, and then the first parameter on the instrument. But are these documented anywhere? How do you know what details to put in the OSC field in the editor so it knows how to do this.

I know if you use Osculator and you tweak a parameters in your layout it gives you the name, and then you can assign this to a MIDI event. But how do you do this without Osculator, like how the LogicPad layout works.


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I’d like to know this too.


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