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TouchOSC and TouchVIZ updates.


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We are pleased to announce the update of both TouchOSC (1.9.5) and TouchVIZ (1.2.0). 

Whats new in these updates then?

TouchOSC iOS:
- 64 bit build
- New min iOS requirements are now 5.1.1

TouchOSC Android:
- Added “Flip interface” option

TouchOSC Bridge (1.3.1)
- High-DPI artwork for WIN + MAC

TouchOSC Editor (1.7.1)
- Added layout zoom up to 300%
- High-DPI support for both WIN + MAC
- Minor bugfixes

TouchViZ (1.2.0)
- Added momentary A/B solo buttons
- Minor bugfixes
- New min iOS requirements are now 5.1.1

Both the updated editor and MIDI bridge can be downloaded from the TouchOSC product page (scroll down to the ‘downloads’ section) :

If you experience a “corrupted” download of any of the OS X files from our website, then simply head over to this link and set your OS up correctly :)  -

*Edited to add:  IF you are experiencing the error: “The resource could not be loaded because the app transport security policy rquires the use of a secure connection.”, firstly please accept our apologies.  Something somewhere has changed between the update being sent to Apple and it’s subsequent release.  Secondly, we are aware of this issue and have already submitted a fixed update to them.  Unfortunately this means we are in the lap of Apple and their mysterious inner workings.  As soon as it’s accepted (the fixed upgrade that is) it will be available on the App Store.

In the meantime, use the iTunes method to get your shiny, new templates onto your iDevice by following this guide >

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