TouchViZ | Toolbar

Updated: Mar 13, 2012

The toolbar at the top of the application gives access to global functionality and displays time and battery charge level in the center.


The load functions lets you recall a previously saved TouchViZ set or clear and reset the current set by selecting New. The menu will list all .touchviz files found in the application's documents folder.


The save functions lets you save the current state to a TouchViZ set file in the documents folder. You can overwrite a previously saved set or create a new file by selecting New and entering a file name. TouchViZ sets are saved to .touchviz files in the application's documents folder.

External Display

The external display button appears greyed out and is disabled as long as no external screen is found. Once you connect an external display the button becomes active and you can choose a resolution from the list or choose to disable the external output.


The fullscreen button lets you maximize and minimize the output-preview area on the iPad.


The settings button will take you to TouchViZ's settings screen. Please note that for technical reasons output will be paused while on the settings screen.