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TouchViZ 1.4.0!

Jul 15, 2019 Link To This Post
Out now! Files.app integration! New icon! And more ...

Available now on the iOS App Store our much-loved iPad VJ app TouchViZ has been updated to version 1.4.0, and with that brings a few notable features and improvements.

Files.app Integration

Now accessible to TouchViZ users – arguably one of the more useful additions to iOS – Files.app will be familiar to anyone using iOS 11+ and effectively enables users to interact with iPad file storage in much the same way as Explorer or Finder works on a computer.

Users are able to access, duplicate, delete, rename and move TouchViZ's projects, media files and performance recordings within Files.app quicker and easier than ever before.

New app icon!

For anyone paying attention to what's been going on at Hexler these last 6-7 months, its clear we have been busy refreshing our image, as well as releasing some new software. These updates include a new family of icons across our entire range of current apps, and this now extends to a funky new TouchViZ icon.

P.S. For the design geeks – the new icon is a 16:9 aspect ratio rectangle above a smaller 'iPad' aspect ratio rectangle, with the beam of a projector linking the two. Also the negative space creates a 'T' and a 'V'... Just in case you were wondering.

And also ...

The following updates in version 1.4.0. will benefit all TouchViZ users:

  • New projects default to 'Quality' output mode
  • Improved 'About' screen with direct links to support and documentation
  • Corrected sorting of 'Load/Save' project lists
  • Corrected sorting of 'Media/Recording' lists
  • Corrected handling of incoming OSC messages with 64-bit integers
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

#touchviz on Social Media

We really enjoy seeing & sharing what you have been up to with TouchViZ, so please tag all your social media posts with #touchviz and tag our dedicated app accounts @touchviz_hexler on Twitter and @touchviz.hexler on Instagram. There is also a TouchViZ Facebook page you can contribute to.

Thanks for your support!

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