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TouchViZ 1.4.0!

Jul 15, 2019 Link To This Post
Out now! Files.app integration! New icon! New tee shirt! And more ...

Available now on the iOS App Store our much-loved iPad VJ app TouchViZ has been updated to version 1.4.0, and with that brings a few notable features and improvements.

Files.app Integration

Now accessible to TouchViZ users – arguably one of the more useful additions to iOS – Files.app will be familiar to anyone using iOS 11+ and effectively enables users to interact with iPad file storage in much the same way as Explorer or Finder works on a computer.

Users are able to access, duplicate, delete, rename and move TouchViZ's projects, media files and performance recordings within Files.app quicker and easier than ever before.

New app icon! New tee shirt!

For anyone paying attention to what's been going on at Hexler these last 6-7 months, its clear we have been busy refreshing our image, as well as releasing some new software. These updates include a new family of icons across our entire range of current apps, and this now extends to a funky new TouchViZ icon.

P.S. For the design geeks – the new icon is a 16:9 aspect ratio rectangle above a smaller 'iPad' aspect ratio rectangle, with the beam of a projector linking the two. Also the negative space creates a 'T' and a 'V'... Just in case you were wondering.

Oh, and we have a tee shirt design featuring the new TouchViZ logo on sale right now, right here.

And also ...

The following updates in version 1.4.0. will benefit all TouchViZ users:

  • New projects default to 'Quality' output mode
  • Improved 'About' screen with direct links to support and documentation
  • Corrected sorting of 'Load/Save' project lists
  • Corrected sorting of 'Media/Recording' lists
  • Corrected handling of incoming OSC messages with 64-bit integers
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

#touchviz on Social Media

We really enjoy seeing & sharing what you have been up to with TouchViZ, so please tag all your social media posts with #touchviz and tag our dedicated app accounts @touchviz_hexler on Twitter and @touchviz.hexler on Instagram. There is also a TouchViZ Facebook page you can contribute to.

Thanks for your support!

Hexler Swag

Jun 30, 2019 Link To This Post
Show some love for our apps by wearing our app...arel.

What's better than software? Hardware! Especially the nerdy kind you can wear.

Worldwide Shipping

Hexler Hardware is now online selling logo and app icons tee shirts ... Fan of KodeLife? Here's the shirt. Also one for Protokol. And three different logo shirts for Hexler Heavy Industries because why not.

Once they're gone, they're gone!

Designs rotate regularly and at random, old designs are retired and new designs added often. We ship worldwide. Sizes from XS to 3XL and more-than-just-black is available!

The KodeLife Bible

Apr 29, 2019 Link To This Post
Everything you wanted to know, and more ...

KodeLife's public beta has been out in the wild for quite some time and for the most part users have reported it fairly intuitive to use.

In the interests of allowing a larger number of users to access the power of GPU shaders - and to reduce confusion for less experienced coders wishing to join the party - today, we have made available the first iteration of KodeLife's Documentation aka The KodeLife Bible.

Coding ain't easy and one of KodeLife's primary aims is to make coding easier.

In the documentation we explain the ethos for the app, cover the user interface, key functions and features, highlight a few quick and secret button combos plus – the more astute users might note - hints of a hidden roadmap written between the lines.

Work in Progress

As Hexler constantly strives to improve the functionality and features in our apps, the same evolving improvement can be said of our Documentation. If at first you don't find the answers you seek, check back tomorrow, in a week, in a month as there will be continual updates, or for the impatient just drop us a line if something is lacking or unclear.

Live Performers Meeting

Apr 09, 2019 Link To This Post
Come meet Hexler at LPM in Rome (May 2019)

We are huge fans of the hard working organizers & artists behind LPM aka Live Performers Meeting: A regular get-together of creative minds focused on showcasing cutting-edge visual art and the technology that enables it.

This year Hexler – both Rob and Dan – will be at the meeting to learn and hopefully share in equal measure. We are planning a short talk to introduce our latest GPU shader prototyping utility KodeLife, and to also throw some pixels of our own onto a screen.

LPM Schedule Info

Rob will be showcasing KodeLife (showcase info here), and also performing live visuals alongside audio artist GRAIN noir (live set info here).

Live Performers Meeting

For any visual performer a visit to LPM is a must. It's an inspirational goldmine for VJs, live coders, light wranglers and any sort of technologically inclined artists but as this year's event marks the 20th meeting (the "XX edition") it's a special milestone to be celebrated. Visit the Live Performers Meeting website for full information and registration.

And if you'd like to meet Hexler either at LPM or on the fringe, we will be in Rome for the duration: May 2-5 2019. See you there!

On A Mission

Feb 08, 2019 Link To This Post
Hexler.net gets a remix ...

Welcome to Hexler 2019!

Welcome to our new website. Behold our new logo! Our newly formatted documentation! Our new online store! Our upgraded search functionality! OK you get the idea.

You would be amazed by the sheer willpower required to peel ourselves away from the work we actually prefer to be doing (i.e: making apps) to instead dive eyeballs deep into the thankless Sisyphean muck of a total website redesign: A task we've happily been rescheduling for quite some time, but could not put off any longer.

We did it. For you.

So welcome to the new online home of all things Hexler, hopefully you find the droids information you are looking for. And be sure to follow our new social accounts while you're at it: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Protokol: Who Said What Now?

Feb 07, 2019 Link To This Post
Currently in beta – our new utility Protokol offers creators and developers a handy tool for troubleshooting MIDI and OSC.

Prokotol is a new utility by Hexler released today as public beta: A fast, lightweight but heavy duty console for monitoring and logging control protocols.

Initially designed for testing MIDI and OSC (the current version only supports MIDI, OSC and Gamepad input) future versions will include HID, DMX, ArtNET, IoT protocols and more...) Protokol monitors and logs complex data streams with absolute accuracy.

We built Protokol to test our own apps during development – and quickly found use for it at our home studios, troubleshooting MIDI rigs – then our music producer mates started bugging us for copies ... so here we are!

Currently available as a beta. If you have any feature requests we'd love to hear 'em.

Click here to find out more and download the beta...

Triple Update

May 20, 2018 Link To This Post
Today's triple update sees all hexler software refreshed, including a sneaky newcomer!

Big Red Buttons and Labels

Jun 25, 2017 Link To This Post
Today we've got a whopping double TouchOSC + TouchViZ update, bringing some long-requested features to both our babies...
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